Supporting women’s wellbeing through midlife and beyond.

Women have unique needs and hopes for the middle and second half of life. The menopause transition signals change not only in the body, but also the spirit.

If you’re like many women today, you hope to navigate this passage with a vibrant sense of wellbeing. You hope to enjoy a long healthspan and a life of meaning and purpose until the very end.

NATURELI is here to support your health and those hopes in midlife and beyond.

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Informed by Research

Our bodies are complex. So are our lives. We engage rigorous research across many disciplines to support your journey through midlife and beyond.

Guided By Nature

Human beings evolved alongside the Earth, plants, and an entire microbial ecosystem. We enlist Nature as a supportive and guiding partner.

Supports Healthy Aging

Our bodies have an inner know-how to be well, even as we age. We lean into this know-how to nurture the body’s resilience and invite healthy aging.

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